Finally with NanoPBM, e-prescription and e-dispensing functions come to complete the entire digital process, by allowing physicians to fill out their prescriptions on the system and permitting pharmacies to access these prescriptions online, thus serving the members in an efficient, quick manner.

Payers & Providers Solutions

Whole solutions for claims processing

Claims Editing, Submission & resubmission

Easy Integrations & Less time

Save you time and money

Regulators Complaints

International medical classification compliant with WHO

Medical codes meets the requirements for each regulators

Covers over 36 countries

Claims Management

eClaim processing

Generating XML

Submission and Resubmission

NANO PBM Main Features

To try the most advanced pharmacy benefit management

Member’s Administration

Members’ data may be uploaded onto the PBM system through NanoPBM’ administration web portals, thus allowing Nano Health to manage your pharmacy programs from its own database; data can also be retrieved through online integration with your system

Medical Validations

Age and Gender Appropriateness
Drug To Disease Contraindications
Drug To Drug Interactions
Duplicate Therapy Drug Details

Eligibility Validations

Insurance eligibility verification and plan-specific benefits information confirmation before services are rendered not only leads to fewer claim rejections and denials, but it also lays the foundation for an effective patient financial counseling program.

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One click Authorization

Automated claims Authorization and calculations from claims entered, scanned, or received via EDI gateways or XML portals. Streamlined screens provide access to process all information needed to rapidly and correctly process claims.

ICD Bucket Mapping& Evaluating

NanoPBM offers a clinical index with more than 3,000 ingredients, automated clinical support for indications and contraindications, generic substitution capabilities, duplication and over prescription alerts, and a drug interactions database.

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Drugs Bucket Mapping&Member Buckets Summary

• Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10-CM& ICD-9-CM)
• Procedure Codes (CPT)
• Disposable and Consumables (HCPCS)
• Dental Codes (CDT)
• Dubai Service List (DSL)

File Upload Facility

Our system allows you to upload multiple and different files at same time with high speed and efficiency as the data will be backed up and secured


Our solutions include a variety of reports to help you monitor and follow up every step of the process, by viewing paid and outstanding pharmacy invoices, savings generated on incurred pharmacy claims, and many other detailed reports that support critical program monitoring.

Our Great Team

Development & Support

Our highly experienced Developers consultants will work with you, advising you on how you can harness the power of IT to overcome your problems and meet your business objectives. We will introduce you to the wide range of solutions that we offer and inform you of how they can benefit your organization. Our IT consultants will talk with you to ascertain your actual requirements, help determine the IT resources you need define network/software requirements for your organization and develop and implement the agreed IT solutions.

To provide a TURN KEY SOLUTION by:

  • Analyzing and finalizing System requirements.
  • Providing a smooth and easy-to-use system.
  • Networking: all sub-systems operate on the different network systems to provide the largest possible amount of data.
  • Protecting customer investment by maintaining the system to work over the years.
  • Maximizing security for multi users.


Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Values

Benefits Increase

  • Patient Safety
  • Health Outcome
  • Information Accuracy
  • Effective Communication
  • System Efficiency
  • Control on Resources
  • Transparency

Benefits Decrease

  • Prescribing Mistakes
  • Dispensing Mistakes
  • Fraud
  • Waste
  • Abuse
  • Wait time at pharmacy
  • Pharmacy-physician calls
  • Claims submission time

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